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Project Description:

Mountain View High School

Vancouver, Washington

Columbia West performed initial and supplemental geotechnical site investigations to support replacement of the existing Mountain View High School located in Vancouver, Washington. The investigation included subsurface exploration utilizing sonic drilling methods, an excavator, and limited-access hand auger equipment. In situ testing for soil strength and seismic response properties included standard penetration testing (SPT), down-hole seismic soundings, and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW). Engineering analysis of subsurface exploration data and laboratory test results was used to provide geotechnical recommendations for seismic site response, pavement design, and shallow foundation support.

Columbia West also provided infiltration test results and subsurface disposal recommendations to facilitate stormwater management design by the civil site plan engineer. During the project construction phase, Columbia West provided geotechnical construction monitoring and special inspection services. Construction monitoring services included nuclear moisture-density testing of embankment fill, utility trench backfill, base aggregate, and asphaltic concrete. Geotechnical oversight also included bearing probe analysis of foundation subgrade soils and infiltration verification testing of stormwater facilities. Special inspection services included inspection and testing of reinforced concrete, masonry, proprietary anchors, and structural steel in accordance with International Building Code requirements. Columbia West also performed floor flatness testing for slabs-on-grade in accordance with ASTM E1155. Successful involvement with the project from initial engineering design through construction and final occupancy demonstrate Columbia West’s commitment to providing cost-effective, quality professional services and innovative resourceful engineering solutions.

Skills Needed:

Geotechnical Engineering
Laboratory Testing
Construction Oversight
Special Inspections