A Review of Infiltration Standards and Practices in Clark County

Lance Lehto, president of Columbia West and member of the 2009 Infiltration Standards Review Committee of the Southwest Washington branch of ASCE, co–authored a research paper entitled “A Review of Infiltration Standards and Practices in Clark County.”

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The Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering

Career fairs provide important educational opportunities for students. Columbia West principal engineer Jason Ordway discussed geotechnical engineering fundamental principles and practices at the Career and College Fair at Gaiser Middle School in Vancouver, Washington.

Two Geotechs Saved the World

The year was 1943 and the Allies were in the initial planning phase of Operation Overlord – the Allied invasion of German-occupied France during World War II. It was during this earliest phase of planning when the Allied high command ran into a problem.

A soil problem.

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