Demonstrations at Portland Community College

Columbia West was requested to present a construction materials testing demonstration to engineering technology students at Portland Community College located in Portland, Oregon. Columbia West principal engineer Jason Ordway conducted the demonstration. Test methods, test specifications, in situ field test features, and laboratory test processes were discussed.

Did You Know students learn about construction by visiting their schools’ own sites?

Lance Lehto, President of Columbia West Engineering, took students from both View Ridge Middle School and Ridgefield High School on tours of their campuses’ nearby construction sites, teaching concepts of civil engineering including on-site cement testing and the importance of building a sound foundation…

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Middle School Students at Columbia West

Columbia West principal engineer Jason Ordway facilitated a hands-on interactive educational experience for elementary and middle school students at Columbia West’s materials testing laboratory in Vancouver, Washington. The presentation included discussion of geotechnical principles, construction materials testing, engineering practices, and demonstrations of individual laboratory tests.