Columbia West is a WABO-registered Special Inspection Agency serving the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Our certified special inspectors and engineering technicians routinely provide structural inspection and construction materials testing services. Inspection and testing services include field compaction density testing of soil, aggregate, and asphalt during site grading and structural special inspections of reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, post-installed proprietary anchors, structural masonry, steel erection, bolting, welding, lateral wood and cold-form steel shear walls and diaphragms, welding and steel fabricator audits and inspections, spray applied fireproofing and intumescent coatings.

Columbia West provides required special inspections for wind and seismic resistance in accordance with the International Building Code. Our engineers, inspectors and technicians routinely assist structural engineers in analyzing existing or newly constructed buildings and structural systems by assessing in situ loading through strain gauge monitoring, proof-loading, torque testing, structural welding assessment, or tension testing. To support renovation of historic structures and other existing buildings, we provide the tools and experience to assist in determining concrete maturity, reinforcing steel locations in walls or slabs, in-place concrete strength and anchorage system strength.